About Me

Shay Official

Hi, I’m Shay! Welcome to Shay Official! 

A platform set out to open the dialogue that needs to be had..... that others are afraid to have! No topic is off limits and it’s NOT just for women. Please feel free to email us any topics that you would like me to address! Let’s TALK !

My Community

I joined social media in 2007 I developed a reputation for speaking my mind... I was often criticized for it but the thing that kept me going was when I would meet ”friends “ from my social media in person or the daily inboxes of people that thanked me and would tell me stories of how my page/posts would motivate them to keep going, give them hope that they would get through whatever they were going through or simply give them a good laug. Recently I filed for divorce from a marriage that had only lasted 2 years, I was devastated and felt as though I had failed and as things progressed my ex chose to use his public platform to repeatedly attack me and again the outpouring of love from you all is why I stand strong today 

Join My Journey

What I have been through would kill most, I am a woman with a story to be shared, but I know I am not the only one. Have a story to share? Need answers? Let’s talk about it! Email us